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Arteries carry blood away from your heart to the rest of your body.  When an artery becomes damaged, a scar is created within the blood vessel which causes a thickening and eventually significant narrowing or blocking by plaque. This blockage subsequently reduces blood flow to the organ that it is feeding.

Peripheral arterial disease can lead to leg cramps, tightness, or pain at rest when sitting or sleeping that may wake you up.  People who experience a change in color on their feet or toes, have leg numbness or weakness, coldness, loss of hair or pain when they walk a certain distance may be experiencing symptoms of peripheral arterial disease.

The goal of our artery treatments is for patients to return to their normal lifestyles after 24 hours. At our facility, we can diagnose artery blockages and treat them in a single visit by using in-house ultrasound technology and angioplasty. This minimally invasive intervention can take as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

common symptoms


Common symptoms of patients who need this service include:

50+ years old, hypertension, diabetes, leg cramps while walking short distances, waking during the night with charley horse, restless leg syndrome, muscle fatigue, potassium deficiency, and/or current or former smoker


We offer artery treatments at our Poplar location. We accept walk-ins from 8-10am on Monday through Thursday for office visits.