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Cardiovascular surgeon Jonathan Ellichman, MD, founded Ellichman Vein and Vascular Centers, in Memphis, Tennessee, on the premise that minimally invasive vascular surgery could be delivered safely and efficiently in an outpatient environment. With an extensive surgical background which includes clinical research, academic and clinical practice, as well as the exploration and development of minimally invasive vascular technology, Dr. Ellichman has been a lifelong learner.  He carries his enthusiasm for innovative medical solutions into Ellichman Vein and Vascular Centers, embracing minimally invasive procedures designed to improve patient’s health as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Dr. Ellichman has worked in a variety of medical settings. He held the position of  Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Tennessee, the Medical Director of Vascular Surgery at Crittenden Regional Hospital, and a cardiovascular surgeon at Southern Cardiovascular, PLLC. He opened Ellichman Vein and Vascular Centers in 2014. He has been an advisor to the device industry and has assisted in bringing two minimally invasive vascular devices to market.  He currently trains Vascular Surgeons from around the world in advanced limb salvage techniques.

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PAD and PVD: Are They The Same Thing?

While we get used to hearing medical acronyms, we're not always sure what they mean. Dive into PAD and PVD - what are they and what's the best way to prevent these diseases.

Should I be Worried if my Legs Hurt at Night?

Some people write off nightly leg pain as a symptom of getting older, but if you are experiencing nightly leg pain that is interrupting your sleep that could be a symptom of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

Why Do My Legs Hurt?

Listed below are different reasons why your legs may hurt. There are many different diagnoses associated with your leg pain.


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    "We were able to get an appointment the next day with Dr. E. Dr. Ellichman is very kind and a good man."

  • Healthgrades

    "Dr Ellichman was able to save my leg. I was told that I was going to have to lose it at Methodist. That was over a year ago and I still have it and no pain."

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    "Very thorough. Identified my problem and repaired it at Baptist hospital. He is my hero and I am not sure I would be alive today without him."

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    "I read about him online and he invented some of the tools that fix this disease. I am a diabetic and had a blood flow problem and he fixed me."

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