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Jonathan J Ellichman, M.D.

Vascular Surgeon & Wound Care Specialist located in Memphis, TN

Vascular diagnostic testing is the most effective way to uncover the cause of your frustrating foot, ankle, or leg symptoms. At Ellichman Vein & Vascular Centers, vascular surgeon Jonathan Ellichman, MD, offers on-site vascular diagnostic testing. With such easy access to the tests you need, you get answers for your vascular issues very quickly. Dr. Ellichman also offers comprehensive vein treatments and minimally invasive vascular surgery on-site for your convenience. Get affordable and accessible vascular care by calling the Memphis, Tennessee, office or clicking the online scheduler now.

Vascular Diagnostic Testing Q & A

What is vascular diagnostic testing?

Vascular diagnostic testing determines the cause of your vascular symptoms. Dr. Ellichman typically performs noninvasive vascular testing to observe vein and artery health and function. 

Through this type of testing, Dr. Ellichman can diagnose conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT), peripheral artery disease (PAD), and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). After diagnosis, Dr. Ellichman can recommend a treatment tailored to your condition and lifestyle.

What types of vascular diagnostic testing are available?

Ellichman Vein & Vascular Centers offers all types of diagnostic testing, including:

Ankle-brachial index

The ABI checks your blood pressure in your ankles versus the blood pressure in your upper body. At Ellichman Vein & Vascular Centers, you have a variation of the ABI test, the toe brachial index (TBI). 

A TBI measures the blood oxygen saturation in your big toe versus your fingers. This three-minute test can help to detect PAD.


An arterial or venous ultrasound produces images of your blood vessels using sound waves. This painless, noninvasive test allows Dr. Ellichman to look for abnormalities and defects such issues as blockages or blood clots.

A Doppler ultrasound is a specialized ultrasound that bounces sound waves off your red blood cells to show the blood flow in your veins or arteries. 

An ultrasound of either your veins or arteries takes 20 minutes, and a duplex ultrasound including both takes about 40 minutes. Ultrasounds usually focus on a specific area of concern, like a carotid ultrasound in the neck area or a peripheral artery ultrasound in the arms or legs.

Computed axial tomography (CAT) scan

A CAT scan, also called a CT scan, shows your vascular system in detail. Dr. Ellichman can use this test to identify weak, diseased, or damaged blood vessels. He can also find blood vessel blockages. 

CT scans are especially valuable in early detection of vascular problems, since they can show problems when they’re just beginning. With a CT scan, you could potentially prevent an aneurysm or embolism later. 

Ellichman Vein & Vascular Centers performs all vascular diagnostic testing on site. 

How do I prepare for vascular diagnostic testing?

Dr. Ellichman gives you any special instructions ahead of time. Most vascular diagnostic testing requires no special preparation other than wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothing and leaving your jewelry at home. In some cases, as with abdominal area ultrasounds, you may need to fast before your appointment. 

Get affordable and accessible vascular diagnostic testing by calling Ellichman Vein & Vascular Centers or by clicking the scheduling tool now.