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Jonathan Ellichman MD

Ellichman Vein and Vascular Centers was founded on the premise that minimally invasive vascular surgery could be delivered safely and efficiently in an outpatient environment. The concept required that complex interventions could be performed quickly and efficiently at a reduced cost utilizing cutting edge technology.

With an extensive surgical background which includes clinical research, academic and clinical practice, as well as the exploration and development of minimally invasive vascular technology, Dr. Ellichman has been a lifelong learner.  Dr. Ellichman carries his enthusiasm for innovative medical solutions into Ellichman Vein and Vascular Centers. Embracing minimally invasive procedures designed to improve patient’s health as effectively and efficiently as possible.

At Ellichman Vein and Vascular Centers, our goal is to deliver superior treatment of basic to the most complex vascular disease while fostering a patient-oriented health experience.  Throughout each step of treatment, we prioritize our patient’s quality of life and well-being. We also strive to avoid drastic and outdated methods of treatment for vascular conditions, providing state of the art care in a financially responsible manner.  From blood vessel treatments to diagnostic testing we believe that minimally invasive intervention can provide life changing results for our patients with the goal of preventing limb loss.

At Ellichman Vein and Vascular Centers, patients can expect to be provided an office visit within 24 hours of referral. Referring providers will receive clear communication regarding their patients’ vascular studies, evaluation or intervention on the same day.  Our providers are specially trained to identify and help treat factors that contribute to peripheral arterial disease including cardiology, diabetes and wound care. This translates to the delivery of fiscally responsible health care that in many instances reduce the cost to payers and insurance companies up to as much as 30% less than similar care provided in a hospital setting.