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about wound care


Under our wound care service, we clean and debride dead, damaged, or infected tissue. This stimulates the growth of healthy new tissue and accelerates its healing time. 

At Ellichman Vein & Vascular Centers, we immediately transition patients to wound care after treatment procedures, making aftercare a seamless process from assessment to treatment plan to enrollment in a program. Wound care also plays a critical role in limb salvage, which is a fundamental tenet of our mission. We believe that many amputations occuring in traditional hospital settings could be avoided if timely intervention and/or wound care are provided on an individualized basis.

common wound types

Common types of wounds that may who need this service include:

  • Wounds that present with difficult, slow or incomplete healing, regardless of whether they are vascular in nature or not
  • Diabetic wounds, which can be particularly challenging for patients to monitor themselves
  • Venous ulcers, which most often involve a break in skin around the lower leg or ankle and typically accompany venous stasis
  • Decubitus “pressure” ulcers which most often occur around the pelvic girdle, which are common in nursing home patients and others prone to bedsores


We offer wound care at our Memphis and Oxford locations.