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How Does the Veterans Choice Program Work?

The Veterans Choice Program

The Veterans Choice Program was created in 2014 to help veterans avoid delays for treatment at VA facilities. Veterans can use the program to receive healthcare from civilian doctors in their communities at no additional cost.

Many VA medical facilities might not offer vein and vascular treatments, or they could have a long wait time for procedures. Offices like Ellichman Vein and Vascular are approved as Veterans Choice Program partners to help veterans receive quick access to care.

If you suffer from leg pain, reach out to your local VA medical facility about treatment, or contact Ellichman Vein and Vascular directly HERE.

Who is eligible for the Veterans Choice Program?

If you are a combat veteran or were enrolled in VA healthcare before August 1, 2014 you may be eligible for the Veterans Choice Program.

You qualify if you meet ANY of these criteria:

If you have questions about your eligibility, you can call the VA at 866-606-8198 or set up an appointment online using the VA website here:

How do I make an appointment using the Veterans Choice Program?

Once VA confirms you are eligible for the program, making an appointment with an approved doctor is easy. You can call the VA at 866-606-8198 and ask them to schedule your visit to your preferred doctor. From there, the VA will check that the doctor is on their approved partner list and schedule the appointment for you.

You can check to see if your doctor participates in the program by using the VA's website.

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